About Us

History of Market Anchor

Owner Daniel Price, successfully completed a 2 year Sign Graphics course in 2001.  It was during this 2 year course when Daniel learned the “old-school” sign making techniques including hand lettering, gold leaf, paint, sand blasting and fundamental design laws.

Many of these sign making techniques were phased out on the large scale during the digital revolution, unleashing a new skill set requirement of sign makers and installers.

After the 2 year sign course, Dan worked for a prominent sign company in Toronto specializing in the production and installation of real estate signage for the many condominiums we have all seen grace the Toronto skyline since.

In 2005, Daniel was hired on by another company specializing in large sign and billboard installations across Southern Ontario.

Since 2009, Market Anchor has specialized in vinyl installation and corporate branding in a wide variety of increasingly innovative locations in Southern Ontario.

Market Anchor’s installation teams have experience in many areas of the sign industry, and strive to manage and utilize this experience to its utmost potential.